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Why is Third Party Top Up Hurting the Developers?

Why is Third Party Top Up Hurting the Developers?

Among all the different ways use to add credit and gems into an account, the one that is being frowned upon and considered ‘illegal’ even to all third party Top Up resellers will be the “refund method”.

This method is the easiest, faster and cheapest method which can be done by anyone for a quick buck. However they are extremely risky and the developers will get notified of the refund almost immediately.

However it is unsustainable as banks will never allow you to continuously refund for the same item or related item. Therefore, it is very important that you choose a Top Up service that has been operating for many years.

That being said, the developers are getting hit daily by charge backs and refunds from genuine players and small time individual Top Up resellers. If they don’t do anything about it, it is causing them a loss in revenue. Working as a game developer in the past, it is very disheartening when you see all the orange refunded symbols showing up in your App Store Developer’s account. Therefore these companies will assign an individual to oversee and prevent this from happening.

The preventive measures that they impose will hit all third party resellers and whales.

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If legal third party Top Up Companies are not using refund method, why does the game hate all third party top ups? That’s because there is no way to differentiate which third party top up is genuine and which are not. They are able to detect large transactions from a single source, but the IP might change after a few hours and the honest third party merchant is now assigned with a fresh IP.

An individual illegal resellers will always top up many accounts and bail within a single day and report the credit card that he owns is compromise. Thus request for a full refund.

Therefore it is hard to pin point who is genuine and who is not. So the games would rather do everything in their path to ‘encourage’ their players to purchase their overpriced gems.

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