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Tactics Used by Game Developers to Weed Off Third Party Sellers.

Tactics Used by Game Developers to Weed Off Third Party Sellers.

Tactics Used by Game Developers to Weed Off Third Party Sellers.

Firstly we have to differentiate between a Scare Mail, a Punish Mail and an Actual Refund.

  1. Scare mail or notice sent to all players in general

From my previous post, we know that high volume of transaction from a single merchant/source can be traced. The developers are afraid of mass refunds so they will send out a general warning to all players with purchases coming from that IP.

Scare mails are vague, general mails with no details.

Automated anticheat and antispam - Lilith Games

2) Punish Mail and an Actual Refund Notice.

Both Punish Mail and an actual Refund Notice comes with details of the date, time and amount of gems refunded. However there a major difference is that with an actual refund, they will deduct the full amount of gems that was purchases. But a with a Punish Mail, your gems deducted will be less than and not equal to the gems that you have purchased from the third party.

When you write in to the payment merchant, who is handling the payment, they will not have any information about it too. This is because it was not an actual refund but the game detects multiple third party transactions, they are sure of what you are doing and flags your account as very risky. They will impose a punishment to bring you back into purchasing gems from them directly.

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