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How to Get Your Account Unban

How to Get Your Account Unban

How to Get Your Account Unban

Being a game developer myself, we understand that the game wants their customers to continue playing and spending. They want to keep you in the game. Spending money in game in a science by itself and just like casinos, they will employ different techniques to keep u spending.

There are many games available in the market and no matter how popular the game is, only if you play, your friends will continue to play. If one player stops, several of his friends will stop eventually.

Some games even employ full time players to be whales, as competition breeds competition and encourages other players to spend.

If you level up quickly by buying cheap gems, you are actually encouraging other players to up their spending and in their eyes you have the spending power and you are valuable in their community. Unlike botting, which spoils the game and creates an unfair gaming environment for others.

Most of the time, they will just impose you a manageable amount of negative gems to discourage you from buying from a third party. They would never be hard on such cases as you are a genuine player with the willingness to spend. In their eyes, you are actually rank higher than F2P.

If for any reason your account is ban, which very, extremely rarely happens when it comes to buying gems from third party top up, here are the steps to get your account quickly unban.

  1. Be extremely polite and respectful.
  2. Put in a considerable amount of effort to write a lengthy appeal.
  3. Send in your appeal every day. They are required to go through every appeal and reply with an answer. Even if you are rejected by the first customer service, a different customer service will have to go through your appeal and eventually one of them will unban your account.
  4. They will tell you that the decision is final but it is never final. You need to keep trying.
  5. Never admit that you buy from a third party but instead claim that you received a private message and was tricked into buying from them.
  6. Do not mention about the gems being cheaper, always claim amount is similar to the in-game shop price.
  7. Throughout the entire appeal, you are always the victim.
  8. You have to make it clear you belong to a group of friends and they are all worried about you. You inability to play will cause the group to lose moral and stop playing totally.

If you need professional help, you can engage the following service to get help to get your account unban

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